EMS Cardio – personal cardio training in 20 minutes.

EMS Cardio let you improve your condition and stamina, and maximally save your time. Thanks to short and quick, low frequency muscle stimulation, hours spent in gym, on treadmill, cross-trainer or bike can be replaced by innovatory workout, supervised by an experienced trainer.

What is “cardio training with electrical muscle stimulation”?

EMS Cardio is combination of personal EMS (Electrical muscle stimulation) training with cardio training, dedicated to improving heart efficiency and working on high heart rate. Cardio training is one of the most efficient method of fat tissue burning, and condition and stamina improving. Regular endurance trainings will strengthen your heart, thanks to them, it can pump more oxygen-rich blood. This process causes better oxygenation of the body, and consequently – improves well-being, lower risk of cardiovascular disease and increase metabolic efficiency.
Classic cardio training is practiced on treadmill, cross-trainer, bike or other device and takes about 45 – 60 minutes. In Synergy Studio, thanks to the combination of workout on cardio device and personal EMS training, one session takes about 20 minutes and is more efficient, than regular 60-minutes workout.

Do you think that personal cardio training with electric muscle stimulation is for me?

EMS Cardio training is a perfect solution for all customers, no matter what you try to achieve. The biggest benefits from cardio training will gain people, who want to loose some weight, because during the long effort body takes the most energy from the accumulated fat. For other customers – improving of efficiency and condition will significantly affect your quality of life, but also will help you speed up building your body.

During the workout your personal trainer will be controlling every group of your muscles and adjusting intensity of personal EMS training to individual customer’s capabilities, giving your body quick, gentle muscle contraction, which are not in regular cardio training. Thanks to this form of exercise, 20 minutes of EMS Cardio training is more efficient than 60 minutes of classic cardio workout.

To guarantee safety and expected effect, every EMS training must be conducted by professional coaching staff, having experience in electrical muscle stimulation workout. Adequate calibration of device to customer’s individual predisposition is one of the key issue in EMS training.
That’s why we invite you to our facilities, where work the only ones in Cracow, certified personal EMS trainers.

Earlier it was possible only with years of intensive exercises, now, with EMS training, everyone can achieve great effects in short time!