Functional training

Functional training has a great impact on health and can be targeted at a specific correction of irregularities. It relies heavily on the involvement of core muscles, having a huge impact on the proper posture and shape of the spine. Your personal trainer will help you in performing the exercises correctly. In our studio in Krakow we accept anyone who wants to reduce the risk of injury, make the body stronger and help himself in a regular life activities.

TRX Trening

The basis of this type of training is a special cable system, developed for elite american troops of the US Navy Seals. It is based on a combination of muscle strength and resistance of your body, as well as gravitation. it is worth mentioning that personal training using TRX is one of the best forms of building a functional strength.

BOSU training

BOSU is a fantastic and elastic device, allowing to involve a surprisingly large number of muscles. If you choose this type of a personal training, you can develop your postural muscles, and also improve spine and become more aware of your body. What’s more, BOSU helps you to learn how effectively maintain a balance and raise the level of concentration.

Kettlebells Trening

The iron weight kettlebell looks like a simple device, but often makes a great alternative for the whole gym. In fact you can use it to effectively burn calories, shape the impressive musculature, as well as improve your endurance, strength and dynamism. Our professional personal trainer from Krakow will explain to you what kind of exercises using kettlebells can bring you the best results.


A set of physical exercises involving stretching muscles to loosen them up and also improve a blood supply of the motor system and cause his best work. It combines elements of gymnastics through the use of series of exercises dynamic and static

Special training

Special training is dedicated mainly to sportsmans, who want to improve their athletic performance. The training profile depends on the sport that carries the trainee and is the best compilation consisting of endurance training, physical condition, strength, speed and stretching

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